Bleu's Story

Dogs like to run and occasionally you may see a dog running by the road. Most people will continue driving by and just figure that the dog is running home. Kristy doesn’t think like that. Her first thought is to make sure the dog is safe. She has stopped for dogs before. Thankfully, most of them had a home close by; however, sometimes she can’t find the home quickly. Bleu was one of those. He was running on the shoulder of the road, occasionally jumping onto the asphalt making cars go around. No one stopped and most just blew their horn except for Kristy.

The dog jumped into the car when she said come here doggie. This dog had a tag which would make someone think that they would find the home. Kristy took the dog to the veterinarian that the tag belonged to, but when she asked about the tag she was told that the tag had never been given out. I don’t know what to think about that, but when the vet told us that they couldn’t take the dog and that we should look at taking it back to where we found it and let it go we knew that something fishy may have been going on. The dog is an Australian Cattle Dog (our vet thinks he’s purebred) or Blue Healer, so his name isn’t the most original going, but we didn’t think he would be keeping that name when we first started calling him that. He is very smart and comes to the shop every day. Come visit him

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