Fleming's Story

Mr. Short, dark and handsome. He is a Laborgee. Part Black lab and corgi. Short legs, but a beautiful sleek, black build. Fleming was a runner when we came upon him. I should say he came upon us. He and his sibling (we believe) liked to run around away from home. This specific day he and his buddie were running across Gilead Road. One of our customers saw him and tried to catch him but couldn’t. However, another person saw him and was able to grab him. The other dog ran off with others in tow, but they were unable to catch him. Our customer told the guy that had grabbed Mr. Handsome to bring him to our store because we would know what to do with him. (Now, I ask everyone reading this to understand that although we have and will rescue dogs, we don’t rescue for a living and there are other places like the Humane Society that will. Please take the dog there. I’m trying to get below 10.)

Although he didn’t have any collars on, he did have a chip. Unfortunately, the owner hadn’t registered it and it was showing the rescue as the place that he belonged to. That rescue helped us to find the owners, though and we were able to give them a call and leave a message.

After ten long days the family finally called us back and we learned that his name was Smoke. He didn’t know his name. They wanted the dog, but after ten days they weren’t willing to pay us for room and board that we were going to charge them to get the dog back. We decided to charge because as a dog lover, we would have called immediately if our dog was missing. Ten days! That’s not someone that loves dogs or deserves to have one. If they did pay they would have gotten the dog, but they chose not to and that was fine with us. The unfortunate part of this is that the other dog was hit by a car and was killed not one mile from our store.

Fleming is still doing great.

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