Happy's Story

Kristy likes to change the name of every dog we rescue. Happy was one name I begged her not to change. Kristy used to be an Executive Director for an Assisted Living in Shelby. Being a dog lover she asked the Humane Society of Cleveland County to be  part of an event that she had at the Assisted Living. They had Canine officers come out with the Shelby Police Department to demonstrate how these dogs operate. It was pretty cool. Part of the festivities included a raffle with proceeds going to help the Humane Society and they also brought out dogs that needed to find forever homes. The benefit was very successful and raised a lot of money for the Humane Society. So successful that they asked Kristy what they could do for her. I didn’t expect this, but she asked if she could have the one dog that they felt they couldn’t find a home for. I was surprised because I had just told her that I wasn’t ready to take another dog. I guess she was.

Immediately, both people from the Humane Society said, “Happy.”  Happy was a dog that they had found about a year earlier. It took them a month to capture him. He was far from being a household dog. Every time people wanted to look at him to adopt him he would bark ferociously at them and scare them. Eventually, he was moved to the most remote part of their outdoor facility, so that he couldn’t scare people. Unfortunately, that meant no one would ever come by to see him and he would never be adopted.

Happy had his own 10x10ft pen that he lived in. When Kristy went to see him it was a day in which it had been raining. When she went into the pen he didn’t bark at her but immediately moved to a mud puddle and laid down in that mud puddle. Kristy, not in her work clothes, laid down in that mud puddle right next to him and started talking to him. It took a little time, but he finally let her touch him. I like to call it, “Love at first mud puddle.” Less than one week later Happy came home with us and within another week Happy came inside. So much for a dog that will only be happy if he’s outside. Happy is truly happy and that is why his name couldn’t be changed.

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