Kaliyah's Story

Kaliyah came to us in September of 2016. I made a huge mistake when our shampoo salesman came in with the purebred havanese and said that his grand daughter had just rescued this dog, but she couldn’t keep it because she was living with them and they had no room. Turns out that his grand daughter was a dog groomer herself and this dog had been coming to her for a few months. The owner of the dog had to be placed in a nursing home and couldn’t keep the dog, and the family didn’t want to keep the dog either. They had just paid over $1400 for this dog less than a year earlier.

This is the problem with our society, too many people paying a breeder for a dog and then getting rid of it because it’s not what they expected or something changes within the family. We have had up to 15 dogs living with us because someone just couldn’t handle it any longer, and most of them would have been put down if we hadn’t rescued when we did. That is just wrong and sad. I do understand that some people have true emergencies, but your dog and cat are family members and should be treated that way. Well, at least a family that loves one another!

Sorry about that deviation from the story, but it needed to be said. Back to the story. For some reason I was thinking that this dog would be easy to find a home for, and I wasn’t thinking it would be ours. That was my first mistake. The second mistake was when I chose to take the dog back to Kristy to see what she thought about us keeping the dog, temporarily, until we found it a good home. Temporarily went out the window immediately once she saw the dog. We named her Kaliyah and Kristy has been dressing her ever since. We sell the clothes that she wears and the department is called Kaliyah’s Closet. She is at the store every day, so come by and say hello. She will bark at you and try to nip at your heels, so consider yourself warned.

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