McCade's Story

Our second dog we rescued after we opened the store. We had just failed at finding a home for Levi other than ours, so let’s be real smart and try to foster another dog while it’s waiting for transport to the north. McCade came from a high kill shelter in Lancaster County, SC, but was rescued by a group that one of our customers does some fostering for.

Our experience fostering Levi led us to adopting him, but here is a dog that already was going to be sent to another area of the country. We can handle having another dog just temporarily, was our thought. We got through the neutering okay; however, three days before McCade was scheduled to be sent north Kristy comes to me and says, “I can’t give him up.” The sad part, at least for me, is that I couldn’t give him up either. Well, after paying back all the bills for him and the adoption fee for him, McCade became ours. Needless to say, we won’t be trying the fostering side any more. If we rescue, we are keeping.

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