Mirabella's Story

Mirabella is a Pitt, pure and simple. She is loving, but she is very emotional. For everyone that says that Pitts have gotten a bad rap, I would agree to a point. We have had two Pitts and the emotional side of them can turn a loving dog into a dog that can quickly turn on you or another dog and cause damage. As an owner of a Pitt, we must pay very close attention to everything going on around that dog. A door bell or a knock at the door can turn a normal day into a day that you’re taking another dog to the emergency room. While cooking, dropping food on the floor accidently can take a calm, even dosing asleep dog into a mad rush to that spot and god forbid if another dog gets there before her to gobble down that food with amorous and destruction. We love Mirabella, but we believe a Pitt may be best as the only dog living with her or his family.

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