Shamoya's Story

Shamoya is our Purple tongued mix between a Pitt and a Chow. Sounds like a very mean dog. Not!!!!! She was rescued from the side of Highway 74 just this side of Shelby. Imagine this, two people that have never met sitting at a red light in Shelby waiting for the green that will take you out of town towards Gastonia. Two people that actually have a lot in common, but yet two strangers that are about to meet. Light turns green and the two strangers move on side by side not knowing what will be lurking around the next corner. One car starts to pull away, but not enough for any other cars to pass. The good thing is that there isn’t a lot of traffic behind them at the moment. Two miles down the road where the speed limit finally increases to 55 the cruising speed is finally hit, but what’s that off in the distance. Something is moving at the edge of the highway and it appears to be more than one. Time to hit the brakes because that blurr becomes several puppies and they begin to run out onto the highway. The two women stop there cars right in the middle of the highway and jump out. Cars begin to stop behind them.   Drivers can see two women chasing dogs around.  Two dogs get scooped up and tossed into one of the cars and the other dogs run off home through a massive hole in a fence along the highway.

The dogs are in Kristy’s car and both cars have been pulled to the side of the road. With traffic moving again the two go looking for the home of these two pups. The owner actually comes out through the hole in the fence and allows them to take those two dogs.  They are young, scruffy looking and malnourished.  It wasn’t until later that we find out that the owner had a dog fighting ring and neither of these two dogs were fighters. The owner was going to just let the two puppies starve to death.  Two more dogs were rescued from this owner within the next week and good homes were found for both.

Shamoya became our dog and Shelby (named after the town she was rescued from) became the dog of the other woman that stopped in the middle of the highway with Kristy. Shamoya had worms and we questioned whether she would even survive or not, but she did and is now a very healthy (except for about five to ten pounds of extra weight that she carries around. She is our couch potato.) 12 years old as of this writing. She is as sweet as a dog can be except for when she wants loving. If she wants you to pet her she will cry and scratch at you until you start rubbing her belly. The scratches hurt!!!! The Whining isn’t good either. The sound seems to penetrate your skull and makes your brain vibrate. Hard to get that out of your head.

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